Frequently Asked Questions

What poker sites are supported for hand histories?

At the moment hands from Pokerstars,, PartyPoker* and America’s Card Room (Winning Poker Network) are supported. We think that covers the majority of hands played online and sometimes players who may play at another, currently unsupported site may well also have hands from one of these supported sites and hence will still be able to utilise the full hand history features of Kicker. If you have hand histories from a site currently unsupported by Kicker and would like us to consider adding support please contact us via here and we will add to our future development list. If we do decide to add support we may get in touch to ask for a sample of hands to help us ensure we support them correctly.

*Please note that for PartyPoker, currently Kicker only supports the old style hand histories that PartyPoker stopped allowing earlier in 2019. They reintroduced hand histories in an anonymised form in late 2019 with a different structure and we will be supporting this new format at some point in early 2020.


Why can I only run Kicker on Windows systems?

The initial version of Kicker is only available for Windows but there are plans in the future to potentially produce versions of the product to run on other platforms. If you would like to see this please register your interest here.


Why does Kicker only support heads-up analysis post-flop?

Kicker allows you to define hero and villain in any position pre-flop but on the flop and onwards it will only consider one hero and one villain. This is the case for much post-flop analysis software due to the complexity of having more than two players in the hand post-flop from a mathematical perspective. In the case of hand histories and player pool tendencies you would be more likely to hit sample size issues with multi-way play. However in our experience the bulk of hands played online are two-way on the flop and even when they are not if the second villain folds on the flop it is still possible to model ranges heads-up to take account of this and still get useful information.