Poker Software: Exploit Your Player Pool

Kicker is new poker software that plugs the gap between GTO and HUD software, by analysing how your player pool plays. It does this through deep analysis of your hand histories and then provides you a rich set of information about the tendencies of your opponents both pre and post-flop.


“Kicker is a powerful new tool with lots of great features for players looking to exploit their opponents. I particularly liked the features that allow you to analyze in detail population tendencies of pools you play in.” – Dara O’Kearney, Poker Pro and Poker Author


Poker software for Pre-flop

Most poker players would see major improvements if they had clearer pre-flop ranges for opening, calling and raising. It’s an essential part of exploiting other players and ensuring you aren’t exploited yourself. Kicker is poker software that will help you analyse your hand histories to better understand what you currently do and then refine these ranges.

Whether you have hand histories or not, Kicker has tools to develop your ranges from scratch. You can also develop bespoke ranges for playing in different environments or against different opponents.

You can then use Kicker’s training tool to drill yourself on these ranges and develop a deeper understanding of them. You’ll then naturally understand better spots to deviate from these standard ranges.

Using your hand histories, Kicker will show you how your opponents react at the level you play at, in different situations and with different bet sizes.


Poker software for Post-flop

Street by street Kicker analyses your post-flop game, enabling you to pick the right ranges. This will help you to balance bluff and value hands, plugging potential leaks in your game.

Understanding opponents’ post-flop ranges is also extremely powerful. Wouldn’t it be great to know how often your opponents call, raise or fold in different spots, with different bet sizes? Kicker has a wealth of information like this, available at your fingertips.

The essence of Kicker is to construct ranges to exploit opponents. You can clearly see how your range compares with theirs on the flop, turn and river. You will then learn the best times to check, bet, call or raise by analysing different scenarios.


Kick it up a gear

By training with Kicker you’ll soon become far more confident, both pre and post flop. For example:

  • “How does a broadway board hit your ranges?”
  • “When facing a re-raise, how should you respond?”
  • “On a paired board, how should you construct your range?”

Kicker will help improve your win-rate in spots like these and all others you may find yourself in


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